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The Lot, calm and majestic river, fully prepared and equipped for pleasure boating, invites you to cruise at your own pace with a breathtaking view of the Lot valley.

Saint-Cirq Lapopie and the river

Contemplate the dramatic cliffs of the valley and the towpath at their base, with its fascinating history. The water, locks the stunning architecture, the cliffs and the sky are imbued with calm and serenity and, looking up, there is the mediaeval village of Saint Cirq Lapopie perched on its rocky outcrop and the Chateau des Anglais carved in to the rock at Bouziès.

Take an audio guide to help you contemplate the beauty of the landscape and hear the story of the Lot in the time when it was a major trade route.

Walk by the towpath or be your own captain and take control of a barge for an hour or a day. After a brief tutorial on piloting your ship, you can wander freely and go on your own adventures. Up to you to operate the cranks of the various locks to continue your journey up or downstream. You will also be free to enjoy fishing, picnicking and swimming where and when you wish.