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Pilgrim's trail n° GR65

Listed as a feature of special importance to World Heritage by UNESCO, Saint James' way crosses the Causse de Limogne and is the perfect way to find out more about the region's history, geography and environment. Get out into the wilderness for a moment of spirituality, discovery and encounter, far from the busy roads and streets of everyday life.

On the Via Podiensis, between Cahors and Figeac, you can choose between two very different but equally charming routes. The main trail, the GR65, crosses Causse de Limogne. Its variant, the GR651 is wilder, going through the valley with its majestic cliff-lined rivers, leading eventually to the famous village of Saint Cirq Lapopie.

From Figeac you follow the road to Cajarc, gateway to the Causse de Limogne. Each step takes you from one discovery to another. You will come across dolmen stones, dry stone walls, "butterfly washing stones" caselles and pigeonniers - ancestral heritage that marks the originality and particular nature of the GR65.

If the path takes you on a Friday or Sunday morning between December and March or during the summer, enjoy a stopover at the picturesque truffle market at Limogne in Quercy. You will recognise the enchanting smell of this delectable fungus even if you have never tried it before - it is at the origin of all the richness of our cuisine.


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