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The Causse de Limogne

Gateway to the Causses de Quercy Regional Natural Park , south of Cahors, the Causse de Limogne is distinguished by its remarkable natural architecture, hiking trails and local produce. It is a little known and unique place to discover and explore.

The Causse de Limogneis a limestone or 'karst' mass. Its strong elements of environmental identity and heritage are reflected in the peiople who live here.

Natural treasures

Take a walk to discover the resplendent flora of the plateau. In season, you'll see truffle oaks, orchids, common juniper, maple, dogwood, privet, cherry and an abundance of other flowering plants.

You'll see fields of purple crocuses producing the famous saffron, one of the wonders of the region and important to so many dishes. The secrets of this spice and its haunting aroma can be discovered during a visit to a farm.

Rich in flavor, the "black diamond" truffle is also a keystone of the reputation of the Causse. You will find it in markets that take place during the winter and summer seasons.

In olden times men hunted for truffles accompanied by a pig, but they are now replaced by dogs, more docile to train and who do not scoff half the truffles found, unlike their greedy pink forebears.

Lush vegetation surrounds you in a natural setting with many different secrets to unveil, witnesses to a bygone era, but still present in the details of this extraordinary corner of France.

Heritage of human origin

Many monuments still on the Causse de Limogne were originally created by man. Keepers of meaning and identity, they now represent the richness of our heritage.

There are neolithic dolmens, washing stones, carved crosses, mills and dry stone constructions. More recently constructed and ubiquitous in the territory there are the miles of dry stone walls defining fields and territories, often cornered with huts, called gariottes or caselles which provided shelter for tools, supplies , livestock and often farm workers during stormy weather.

Castles and religious buildings are also part of the wealth of our territory, symbols of the past and our ancestors, just waiting to be discovered.