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Walks, hikes & excursions

Between St. Cirq Lapopie and Pech Merle, between the rivers Lot and Célé, between plateaus and valleys, innumerable different paths and routes offer a myriad of combinations for walkers, riders, hikers and mountain bikers. Route maps are available to guide you for an hour, a day, a whole holiday if you like - taking you somewhere new each time or in a loop back to your starting point. All are voyages of discovery that will leave you with unforgettable memories and images to take home. It's no coincidence that the Way of Saint James of Compostela traces many of its furrows through this beautiful region.

"Speaking trails" (4 in total) help you to discover the legends of our villages, the traditional architecture of our shepherds, the footsteps of our ancestors from thousands of years and they will take you to the finest views in the region. 

Over longer distance hiking routes, you will be simply captivated by the generosity of the natural environment, almost a ballet between mythic oaks, junipers and the wildlife you'll see at the turn of every corner valley or clearing - deer, squirrels, eagles and kites will keep you company as you discover the natural wonders of our hiking trails.

More quietly and equally noteworthy is the canal towpath between Bouziès and St. Cirq Lapopie. Along the Lot, you can follow the horses hauling boats up the river. Sometimes the cliff is cut away to leave a narrow and teetering passage but for most of the way, between locks and mills the ride is easy, punctuated by surprises that will keep everyone fascinated.