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The Causses

"Causse" is the name given to massive limestone outcrops of the type particluar to the Lot Valley and its greater region. They are typified by unique landscapes, ecosystem flora, fauna and human activity. There are three in the Causses de Quercy Regional Natural Park - The Causses of Gramat, Limogne and St Chels.

The surface soil is very dry and particularly suitable for sheep farming, water being tapped from caves and underground caverns.

The Causse de Limogne, covered with dry grasslands, is a bit more wooded than the others with a greater biodiversity. Its subsoil is also the perfect place for the truffle, also called the "black diamond", in tribute to its value and rarity.

The Causse de Limogne is known as the crossroads of great hiking trails, and the pilgrimage road to Santiago de Compostela. Get off the beaten track to discover its rich and varied heritage.