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Along the river Lot

Overlooked by the medieval village of Saint-Cirq Lapopie, the river Lot is navigable over 75 kilometres between Luzech and Larnagol and meanders at its own pace over a total distance of 485 km from its source at Mont-Lozère, joining the Garonne at Aiguillon. Equipped for pleasure boating since 1990 it has several locks built during the nineteenth century. Follow the Lot - cruising, rowing or even swimming and you'll discover a resplendent and surprising natural environment, and endless traces left by our ancestors.


History of the Lot

Valley view

For centuries, the Lot was an important river traffic thoroughfare, where barges and flat-bottomed boats up to 25 metres long would carry up to 36 tons each. Gabarots, smaller boats, reached seven metres long.

In 1845, the towpath was cut into the rock between Bouziès and St. Cirq Lapopie to avoid accidents on the route, dangerous in places because of the currents.

The towpath allowed animals to pull barges along the river. These barges carried goods such as the fine wines of Cahors and the production of wood turners towards Bordeaux. Along the way is the chapel of the Virgin, patron saint of mariners.

Although water transport declined as it was replaced by the railways and later by roads, the Lot is again home to many boats today thanks to the thriving pleasure boating and tourist industries.


Along the riverbank

Bouziès, a small village 4 km from Saint-Cirq Lapopie is an ideal place to begin your discovery of the Lot. Aboard tour boats, houseboats and gabarots to rent by the hour, the day or longer, come and see all the wonders of this river.

Follow the meanders of the watercourse from the Chateaux des Anglais, along the foot of the Rocher de St. Cirq Lapopie, seeing the sculpture by Monnier in the canyon, before following the towpath past the gigantic cliffs overlooking the Lot and the lush vegetation that surrounds you on all sides.

On the longest trips, you will need to pass a number of manual locks between the cave dwellings of La Toulzanie and the Renaissance chateau at Cénevières.

Why not mix in fishing, swimming and picnics with the family as you go!