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Cuzals Eco-museum, Célé valley

In the valley of the Célé, it's back to the basics of trades and traditions, direct contact with nature and an entertaining day out for all ages at the open-air eco-museum.


Fascinating, original, funny and cultural all at once!Baker

At the heart of the Célé Valley in the small village of Sauliac-sur-Célé between Cahors and Figeac, discover the Cuzals eco-museum, a haven of peace in an open-air site of 20 hectares managed by the Museums of France department.

As soon as you arrive a new world opens up before you - a step back through the mists of time to the world of rural life and agriculture in nineteenth century Quercy. Impregnated with the sights and smells of the period with authentic period buildings and people living out the lives of the villagers they depict.

A real blacksmith works his forge, shoeing horses while a wood turner creates wine barrel taps, a baker makes fabulous smelling bread in an ancient oven - especially memorable! You'll see the manufacture of shoes, bread, posters and weaving among many other crafts and trades.

Alongside these authentic old traditions we offer entertainment where everyone can both participate and learn about the trades of yesteryear. All ages are invited to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. Children will be especially pleased on Wednesday afternoons with their specially dedicated thematic workshops.

Relax and let yourself be amazed by farmhouses with their kitchens and real wood fires - the sweet dishes our grandmothers used to make. The furniture and other items still have their soul - touch them, you will real feeling of going back to our origins, back to the earth!

Forget the pace of everyday life, discover things you thought had disappeared. Everything is done here to find the authentic atmosphere of life in Quercy in the nineteenth century.