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Producers and gourmet outlets

Farms and shops are places of exchange and encounter where you can try local products, discover new flavours and awaken your senses to our nature.

Meeting our producers directly is a great way to take a ride through the landscape of flavours on offer - Foie gras breeders, jam, syrup, gingerbread and honey makers, Quercy anis distlillers, bicuit bakers - all have open days and tours to allow you to learn about their processes from manufacture to sale.

Wine lovers probably know the famous Cahors red, rosé and white wines, dry or sweet, with a taste unique to the area and adapted to so many different dishes. Meet the wine makers on their farms or in their shops. They will be happy to advise you and select their best wines according to your taste and requirements.

Explore the world of the truffle and see how dogs are used to find them. Market stallholders at Limogne in Quercy, will give you advice and explanations about the quest for elusive "black diamond"!

The most expensive spice in the world, saffron, is found in abundance in the the Lot. In Crégols you will meet a producer of organic saffron who is herself totally bewitched by this spice! She will tell you the story of the saffron from growing and harvesting to sale, will introduce you to her farm and its other delightful products - syrups, meringues and sweets - all flavoured with saffron, of course!

If you are more of a beer person, Christophe Ratz is the brewer for you! Passionate by nature, he has blended the best of his knowledge and respect for the land to brew his wonderful beer. He makes lagers, ales, wheat beer and specials for St. Patrick's day and Christmas. They are all perfectly natural and unpasteurized. As for his amber beer, its quality has been awarded the silver medal at the Concours Agricole Paris 2012. Taste it and enjoy!