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Markets and food

The bounty of nature can be enjoyed daily on market stalls and in the dishes of our fantastic restaurants


Markets dazzling with colour

marché de saint cirqQuercy is forever tempting and testing lovers of good food. Fruit, vegetables, spices, meat and cheeses - a kaleidoscope of flavours caresses the palate in all seasons at the markets of Limogne and St. Gery (all year round), Cabrerets and Tour-de-Faure (in the summer) - showcases of all the region has to offer.

Asparagus, pumpkins, tomatoes, and melons rub shoulders with the season's strawberries, walnuts, grapes and pears. Foie gras, lamb, beef, veal (raised under the mother) or the famous cabécou, a small tender and creamy goat cheese. Everything is temptation, everything is delectation. You'll find out what it means to have eyes bigger than your stomach - even the most ardent food lovers will meet their match!

No land known provides so many products that are found on the speciality counters and fine delicatessens of the world's great cities. Here saffron, foie gras and truffles have found their chosen land of production with the difference that on our market stalls they are absolutely fresh and in the first perfection of their intoxicating flavours. Subtlety and simplicity lead to gourmet delights.


Passionate producers

The three symbolic products mentioned are the pride and joy of their producers who will be delighted to share their passion with you at the market or during a tour. Once you have visited the truffle market at Limogne you will never again be able to resist its charm!


Inspired restaurants

It goes without saying that you'll find all these great products on the plates of the many restaurants in the area. With a passion for their craft, our chefs combine imagination and mastery to seduce you with their recipes, each of which brings its originality and the unique taste of Quercy to your holiday.


The simplicity of Lot cooking

To the rhythm of markets, in the course of your meetings, on the shelves of the gourmet shops and during your meals, you will adopt our cuisine, learn our expertise, our tastes, our products and our recipes, you'll find yourself bringing the ideas of our gastronomy to your cooking on a daily basis with ease and pleasure.