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Contemporary art

Every summer, contemporary art moves into the Lot valley between Cajarc and St. Cirq Lapopie. The two villages have been blessed by the contribution of remarkable individuals in the history of modern art perhaps in a place where you would least expect it.


Contemporary art in the Lot valley

The contemporary art festival includes sightseeing, heritage sites and contemporary art exhibitions. Artists are invited to present their works in natural sites and around the villages of this part of Valley in Tour-de-Faure, Saint-Martin-Labouval, Calvignac and Larnagol.

"Contemporary Art in the Lot Valley" connects the Daura Houses in Saint-Cirq Lapopie - a creative laboratory where artists settle in residence for six months to one year to the Center for Contemporary Art - a place of artistic experimentation located in Cajarc. During their stay, and through their inspiration, the artists in residence explore the links between architecture and landscape for an original look at the world. Experienced and promising artists inspired by the local or global context live together, exchange ideas and find common issues.


Why the Lot valley?

The Regional Council of Midi Pyrenees bases the project on encounters and exchange. Cajarc and St. Cirq Lapopie appealed to the artistic sensibilities of some of the most celebrated twentieth century artists who brought the unexpected dimension of modern art to these mediaeval villages.

Former President of the French Republic, Georges Pompidou owned a house in the hills of the plateau near Carjac. He brought the passion for contemporary art that motivated his construction of the Pompidou centre in Paris to his village in the Lot valley and a Maison des Arts Georges Pompidou opened its doors in a village of just 1200 inhabitants.

"Contemporary art, inherently contradictory, strict as mathematics or violently lyrical, sincere to shamelessness or insolent in imposture, whether an explosion of color and joy or a negation of everything, of itself, it is always the on lookout for the next day. Is it not the very image of our world?" Georges Pompidou, Le Monde, October 17, 1972

In Saint-Cirq Lapopie, the Catalan painter Pierre Daura ensured the implantation of contemporary ideals in a medieval village. The house where he lived is now restored to welcome international artists in residence with summer exhibitions every year.


Art of other ages

It is not all about modern art - as far from it as you can get! Just a few kilometers away in the valley of the Célé, at the Grotte du Pech Merle, our Neolithic ancestors had already raised their first colours on the walls of a cave in Cabrerets 24,000 years ago. Since then, the valleys of the Lot and Célé have inspired artists of all ages, all styles, all genres. Art in the Lot is a journey through time and through the valleys which Saint-Cirq Lapopie invites you to join - from Neolithic art to contemporary art, each discovers a part of the soul and brings a unique and intimate pleasure.


PomPompidou - Pompidou for children

Children are also invited to make their way on this journey through the artistic world with dedicated workshops. "PomPompidou" is their name, a wander up some artistic side roads that may reveal some unknown or misunderstood ideas about the world of art.

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