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Artist's galleries and workshops

Saint-Cirq Lapopie, is an artist's village all year round - there are around ten of them at any one time dotted around the mediaeval streets and alleys taking their inspiration from the material, light and mystery of the village and maintaining its long artistic tradition.


In the footseps of artists, following your senses

Between the river and the Causses, along the streets and paths of the village, walking in the footsteps of surrealist artists and writers such as André Breton, enjoy an intimate moment of discovery in St. Cirq. The colours, material, and the light were ordained long ago in St. Cirq Lapopie, each inviting inspiration in its wake. Each and very visitor is seduced by some aspect of the the magic of France's favourite village .

The artistic reputation of Saint-Cirq Lapopie was forged over decades. Today the village on the banks of the Lot is still one of the most appreciated places in the country for artists and proves it with eleven artists settled here all year round.

Saint-Cirq Lapopie has seen Henri Martin, Pierre Daura, Othon Friesz, Paul Paquereau Joseph Rignault live and work in its streets which nourished their artistic sense and fulfilled their ambitions.

Joseph Rignault, art collector of the early twentieth century invited many artists and had many of their works displayed in his home including several by Soutine who he discovered. Many others stayed with him - Man Ray left an original drawing in the Guestbook of the Friends of Saint-Cirq.


Inspired inheritors

Today, with its "Itinéraire des Artistes" Saint-Cirq Lapopie introduces to you all the artists of the village. Let curiosity lead you round a street corner, past a listed building, you will meet them here, in their studios and galleries or working in the streets and countryside. Inspired by their illustriious predecessors, our artists are fully invested in their art, living and working in Saint-Cirq Lapopie all year round. Look up and you will find the red banner that tells you where they are to be found.

Several exhibition spaces are also not to be missed - the Rignault Museum, Maisons Daura, the Château de Saint-Cirq, the Maison de Fourdonne, all full of treasures that they are eager to share with visitors.

A tour guide is ​​available to the public at the Tourist Office and from the artists themselves. It will guide enthusiasts through the narrow village streets. Follow the red pennant hanging on the artist's houses - thirteenth century buildings which are the timeless charm of this village nestled on a rocky peak, 100 meters above the river Lot.